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Name:Mr. Bambang SP [Owner/Entrepreneur]
Instant Messaging:
Mobile Number:085213346184
Phone Number:085213346184
Fax Number:021 88329113
Address:Komp Graha Prima Blk IB no 47
Bekasi 17510, Jawa Barat
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Registration Date:Jan. 07, 2013
Last Updated:Jan. 08, 2013
Business Nature:Manufacturing, Trade, Service of Business Services category

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Company Brief

Means Prosperity Partners was founded in 1998,
Means of advertising partners have been producing and presenting works of quality and innovative Promotion scattered cities in Indonesia. Means thrive on the support & customer-keperayaan of our customers.

Graphytasi Products include: Neon Box, Neon Sign, Billboard, Letter Timbul / Emboss, Digital Printing, Cutting Sticker 3M Acrylic Display, Aluminium produck ( frame and glass) and other promotional objects according to your request ( Customizable) .

We commit ourselves as a reliable partner and trusted to make the best. Our motto " Your satisfaction Our Commitment " , has become a driving force for us to provide the best service for our clients. We always strive to provide the best service and products and commercialize our products in order to efficiently and effectively deliver your message to the community.

We are not only concerned with the low price, but also the value of efficient, safety, timeliness, and how we work as a bridge of communication your product promotion.

Means Prosperity Partners as a company engaged in the field of advertising is working product promotional media products such as: Neonsign, Sigboard, Billboard, Stainles steel display, Towersign, signs traffic signs ( road markings) , Custom stainless steel.

Our company also sells Signs Traffic ( Traffic Sign) , Signs Safety Sign
Our production:
- Traffic signs
- Safety Signs - K3
- Signs signs mining area
- A wide range of Signage

Material from Solid Aluminum Plate or Aluminum Composite Panel ( ACP) with cutting sticker reflective ban 3M/ Oracal Hold until many years

- Plat IMB Board / Board Number Building
( Aluminum Plate Using a printed, color durable, scratch-resistant and does not fade fast)

Traffic Signs, Safety Sign, RPPJ, Signage

Bambang SP
Hp. 0852-133-461-84
Fax. ( 021) 88329113
BB Pin: 20EB9E85

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